Healthy Forest Reserve Program


Program Activities

HFRP provides financial and technical assistance to restore, protect, and enhance forest resources by providing funds directly to eligible landowners for the purchase of HFRP easements. Additionally, NRCS pays for the implementation of forestry restoration, enhancement, and habitat management practices. The practices adopted under the HFRP restoration plan may be the basis for the landowner to obtain safe harbor assurances under The Endangered Species Act.

Contract Options

  1. 10-year cost share agreement
  2. 30-year easement
  3. Permanent easement



 For permanent easements and easements for the maximum duration available under State law, easement compensation provides up to 100 percent of the fair market value of the enrolled land less the fair market value of the land encumbered by the easement. Restoration payments provide up to 100 percent of the restoration costs. For 30-year easements and 30-year contracts, easement (contract) payments provide up to 75 percent of the value that would be paid for a permanent easement. Restoration payments provide up to 75 percent of the restoration costs. 10-year cost-share agreements - there is no easement payment. Restoration payments provide up to 50 percent of the restoration costs. Participants are subject to registration and reporting requirements of the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006.


Landowner Responsibilities

 The landowner must convey an HFRP easement to the United States and comply with the terms of the easement. The landowner must also implement a healthy forests restoration plan.


HFRP Program Website

This program became available in the Spokane River Watershed in 2016 thanks to the Greater Spokane Watershed RCPP. For more information on that program, click here.


The Healthy Forests Reserve Program (HFRP) helps landowners restore, enhance and protect forestland resources on private lands through easements and financial assistance. HRFP aids the recovery of endangered and threatened species under the Endangered Species Act, improves plant and animal biodiversity and enhances carbon sequestration.


HFRP provides landowners with 10-year restoration agreements and 30-year or permanent easements for specific conservation actions. For acreage owned by an Indian tribe, there is an additional enrollment option of a 30-year contract. Some landowners may avoid regulatory restrictions under the Endangered Species Act by restoring or improving habitat on their land for a specified period of time.

Eligibility   **Important Note: HFRP is a competitive application process

HFRP applicants must provide proof of ownership, or an operator (tenant) must provide written concurrence from the landowner of tenancy for the period of the HFRP restoration agreement in order to be eligible. Land enrolled in HFRP easements must be privately owned or owned by Indian tribes and restore, enhance or measurably increase the recovery of threatened or endangered species, improve biological diversity or increase carbon storage.