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The Production Ag Department works with producers in Spokane County to maximize their profits while maintaining sustainable farm practices, such as direct seed. For more information on direct seed operations, including the economical and environmental benefits, please view our Direct Seed Fact Sheet. 

 Our Production Ag programs include:

  • Direct Seed Loans: we provide low-interest loans to help purchase eligible direct seed and no-till agriculture equipment
  • Direct seed promotion including workshops and tours
  • Conservation farm plans
  • Workshops and seminars 

To help address the problem of a low rate of direct seed adoption in the Pacific Northwest, SCD teamed with the University of Idaho, Washington State University, and the Department of Ecology to create the Direct Seed Mentoring Program. This program pairs experienced direct seeders with novice producers looking to transition from conventional tillage operations.

Funded by the State of Washington’s Ag Pilots Program, the first season of the program was in 2009 with eight mentors teamed with 10 producers. A financial analysis of the program was completed by Dr. Kate Painter with the University of Idaho. The analysis showed that direct seed offered an overall savings of $13.50 per acre over conventional tillage. The complete analysis can be viewed here.

We are currently seeking producers to participate in the upcoming season of the Direct Seed Mentoring Project that will take place in the Hangman Watershed. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Ty Meyer.

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