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Nancy MacKerrow & The Susie Forest

The Susie Forest started out small- just three trees planted in 2003. Since then, it has grown to over 100 trees and not just in Spokane, but all over the world. The Susie Forest is a living, growing legacy to Susie Stephens, the daughter of Nancy MacKerrow. Susie was a bicyclist, an environmentalist, an activist and a world traveler who was dedicated to educating others about bicyclist and pedestrian safety. Susie was killed in 2002 after being struck by a bus while using a crosswalk to cross the street in St. Louis.

Nancy started The Susie Forest for three reasons:
  1. To plant trees;
  2. To encourage others to plant trees;
  3. To education people, especially children, about the importance and benefits of trees.

Each tree planted in The Susie Forest is a reminder that life goes on and starts anew. Except for the two trees planted every year, one on Susie’s birthday and one on the anniversary of her death, every tree planted is associated with someone else. Whether it is to celebrate the birth of a newborn or a special anniversary, as a memorial of someone who has passed, or to celebrate a reading program at a local library or school, each Susie Tree is deeply rooted in personal connection.

Nancy works closely with Reforest Spokane, a program of the Spokane Parks Foundation, and some of the Susie Trees are planted as street trees, which are desperately needed in our area. Most of the trees have been planted in public parks, at libraries and other public sites, and on private property. Just as Susie traveled the world, The Susie Forest has gone national & global! There are now Susie Trees planted in Washington D.C. and as far away as New Zealand and Iran.

The Susie Forest is now online and the web site features a blog written by Nancy about the various plantings, and a map of all of the Susie Trees throughout the Spokane area. Visit the site to learn more about The Susie Forest or contact Nancy MacKerrow for more information.


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