Tree Sale

The SCD hosts an Annual Tree Sale. The Spring Tree and Shrub Seedling Sale pre-order period is from February 1 – mid-March, and the 2019 pick up days are April 5 from 8am-5pm and April 6 from 9am-1pm. There are about 30 different species to choose from! Ordering online is the best way to buy your trees before they sell out but we also have a paper brochure that we post every year. If you have come to our site outside of our order period, consider shopping at these or other native plant nurseries. Please reference our Frequently Asked Questions list below and click to receive your answer.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, credit and debit cards. Place your order online at All major credit cards except American Express are accepted. Mail orders must be made with check. Walk-in orders are accepted in cash (exact change), check or credit/debit at our office, 210 N Havana, Spokane WA 99202, M-F, 8am-4:30pm. 

How do I receive my seedlings?

We do not ship seedlings. You must pick up your seedlings during the distribution days at the SCD, 210 N Havana, Spokane WA 99202. Early and late pickups are not allowed due to the availability of seedlings and the cost of seedling storage. Orders not picked up will be used by the SCD for various planting projects and any payment will be forfeited.

How big are the seedlings at the time of distribution?

The bareroot seedlings range in size from 3-24’’ tall, and unless otherwise indicated, are not potted and come in minimum bundles of five. Please call the SCD if you have any questions about the seedlings. Reforestation trees are also available as Plug 1's, in minimum quantities of 100. Plug 1's are only available in the reforestation species.

What happens if my trees or shrubs die?

Due to environmental and other factors beyond our control, the SCD does not offer a guarantee on the livability of the seedlings we sell, therefore refunds and/or rain checks will not be granted. If you have specific questions or concerns about your trees or shrubs, please call our Forestry department at 509-535-7274. Planting tips will be available during the distribution days, and our Forestry staff is always available to share their expertise.

How do I cancel an order?

Cancellations must be made prior to the order period ending; otherwise the deposit will be forfeited. To cancel an order, please call the SCD at 509-535-7274 or e-mail:

How do I know that I will receive the species that I order?

You will receive an order confirmation/invoice one - two weeks prior to the distribution days; you can request a confirmation anytime after you have placed your order by calling 509-535-7274 or emailing Please contact the SCD as soon as possible if you notice an error on the invoice. Please bring the invoice with you to pick up your trees. Due to factors beyond our control, there may be instances when a certain species ordered becomes unavailable. In this case, the SCD will contact you to notify you of your options. You will not be charged for seedlings you do not receive (unless you fail to pick up your trees on the distribution days).  

What about the deer?

Our seedlings are scrumptious to deer. Deer have been known to rip freshly planted seedlings out of the ground. As the plants mature, they will be better able to survive browsing from deer and other animals. Until then, invest in “tree tubes” or otherwise protect your new plants. Tree tubes can be purchased from online or local retailers that offer forestry, farm or home improvement supplies.  

General Questions

General questions about the tree & shrub sale can be sent to Hilary Sepulveda. For questions about specific trees and shrubs that we sell, including planting issues and which species would grow best in your area, please contact Garth Davis.

For information about shrubs or plants that we do not carry through our sale, please contact the Master Gardener Resource Center & Plant Clinic through the WSU-Spokane County Extension Office. They can answer questions regarding plant identification, and about insects and diseases.