Small Acreage Custom Operation

Get to the Root of your Weeds

Are noxious weeds part of your landscape? Work with us to repair and restore your land to its full potential. Spokane Conservation District has a new program that includes the equipment, operator, and expertise to get to the root of your weed problems. It's a one-stop-shop for all your pasture renovation needs.

Our program is an alternative to treating just the symptoms of a weedy pasture including:

  • Free assessment and consultation
  • Individual 3-4 year land management plan
  • Custom mow, spray and seeding by an experienced operator
  • Appropriate plantings to outgrow weeds
  • Increased organic matter and soil health

The Small Acreage Custom Farming Program is currently at capacity. No new customers are being accepted at this time.  However, if you're interested in being on the waiting list, fill out our inquiry form. Besides completing custom operation work on your farm, SCD Staff can also do site visits to help you make your own plans. Call our office to speak with a farm planner: 509-535-7274.

Due to all the different factors, soil types, and weed problems that go into your Pasture Rehabilitation Plan, the charges will vary.  But we will discuss all of these options and the cost before we commence with any work. There is a 5-acre minimum charge for all services.

Pasture Rehabilitation Plan

This is an extensive program that will combine site evaluation, extensive soil testing, chemical treatment, tillage/leveling and planting.  The goal will be to take your worn out weed infested property, and in two to three years with modern farming techniques and cover cropping, turn it into a functional perennial pasture system.  Following is an overview of this plan but please be aware that it can vary by property, time of year we start and overall goals of said property.

Soil Testing

Extensive soil and biological testing will be done on your soil to try and figure out what exactly is going on and what do we need to change. While at your property, we will take a sampling of soil cores from your property. We will then in turn take them back to our office and mail them out to the different labs we use for the different tests.


We will spray your property with the right products at the right rate with several modes of action.  Our sprayer is either boom or broadcast, depending on the height of the plants.  It is computer and ground speed controlled to deliver the correct amount of product on your field.

Be sure when you are talking to different spray services to find out what they are putting in their noxious weed spray mix.  Are they are putting one, two, or three products in their mix?  Even though one company is less expensive, the product they are putting on your property might not be nearly as effective.  We have gone to great lengths to make sure we can control the weeds on your property.


The first year we will use a high speed disc-harrow to mix up the top three or four inches of the soil profile and get a leveling effect over the whole field.  Fields that have sit for a long time tend to be a little bumpy and harder to seed due to gophers and frost heaving.


We will utilize cover crops to nurse the soil back to health.  Cover crops are a mix of cool and warm season annuals that all add something to soil health on their own.  However, when growing together with 10-25 species in a mix, they create a synergy and really build soil.  We will do this for one or two cropping cycles to prime the soil so we can be successful when we plant your perennial pasture system.