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Tree School | August 15, 2015
WSU Riverpoint Campus Phase 1 Building

If you'd like to be a vendor at Tree School 2015, contact erica-johnson@sccd.org or click here for more sponsor/vendor information. 

2015 Online Sponsor/Vendor Payment:

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 2015 Intended Agenda (subject to change):

7:30am: Check in, breakfast, vendor fair

8am: Keynote, Wildfire: Yesterday by Jack Nisbet

9am: Concurrent Sessions

   Conifer Pathogens

   Pruning 101

   Soil Biology and Biodynamics

   Chemical Control Methods for Forest Level Applications

11am: Concurrent Sessions


   Chainsaw Safety

   Mushrooms of the Inland Empire


Noon: Lunch, Vendor Fair

1pm: Keynote: Wildfire: Today

2pm: Concurrent Sessions

   Enticing Wildlife

   Soils 101


   Forest Weed Identification and Management

3pm: Concurrent Sessions

   Regeneration Planting

    Tree Species of the INW

    At Risk Trees for the Home/Landowner

    Backyard Plant Diagnosis

4pm: Concurrent Sessions

   "Andriod" Forestry

    Design Review

    Backyard Blueberries

    Bugs and Crud

5pm: Farewell and Prizes

 Trees are an important resource in Spokane County and adjacent counties, whether part of a forest or providing shade in a backyard. The Forestry Department of the Spokane Conservation District (SCD) applies an ecologically-balanced approach to managing, utilizing, and protecting the forest and wildlife resources. While the SCD specializes in assisting the non-industrial private forest landowner with their forestry issues, we also provide assistance to the public and local governments in rural and urban areas. 

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