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Are you tired of horsing around with your livestock?

Livestock and Land can help!

Livestock and Land is a voluntary program which assists horse and livestock property owners and boarding facilities with technical and funding assistance for improving farm and ranch operations and protecting the environment.

When it comes to livestock and working around your farm or ranch, issues like mud and manure can be a formidable opponent. The Livestock and Land Program is designed to help resolve those issues and make your operation more chore efficient by helping with:

Mud Manure | Chore Efficiency | Composting Paddocks | Pastures | Stormwater Drainage | Erosion | Conservation Practices | Dust | Odors | Off-creek Watering | Heavy Use Areas | Riparian Fencing | Roof and Gutter Systems

Through the Livestock and Land Program we can provide a variety of Best Management Practices (BMPs) that address your farm and ranch concerns, improve the health of your animals, protect local natural resources, and increase the value of your property.

NEW - Manure Spreader now available for rent as part of Livestock and Land Program. View the program description, rental contract and loading instructions.  

In addition, we offer free site assessments and provide a recommendation for your farm and/or ranch. There is also information about demonstration site locations where you can see some of the various BMPs in action.

For those interested in implementing BMP projects on their property, we have a cost-sharing assistance program for improving land and water quality. You can view cost-share rates for the various BMPs, though they are subject to change.

Throughout the year the Livestock and Land Program will offer workshops and trainings- those dates and information will be posted on the Event Calendar. You can also sign up to receive Livestock and Land news and announcements via email.

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