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Our Vision

Veterans are ready for a new mission and a way to transition back into civilian life and careers. Our vision is to provide them with opportunities for education, partnership, and employment in conservation based agricultural industries. We provide Veterans of our community an opportunity to combine their military service and skills with an education in conservation which will lead to farming and agricultural based employment.
We provide Vets an opportunity to explore agriculturally based employment by offering programs and curriculum through WSU Extension and Spokane Community Colleges. Levels of completion will be available and include course certification up to an Associate’s degree. 


Vets will be ready to explore partnerships and internships on local farms and other agriculturally based business opportunities. If you would like to host a Vets on the Farm intern, please fill out the Veteran Host Application.


Vets will be equipped to engage in employment with a new mission and sense of purpose. Areas of concentration will include small scale production agriculture, livestock management, equipment maintenance, custom farm work, etc…The program will feature a learning farm crew, custom operators, small scale food production and equine therapy. If you are looking for employment through Vets on the Farm, please fill out our Veteran Intern Application Form. All Veterans seeking to be part of the program will have an informational interview at the Spokane Conservation District to help make a good match between their interests and available opportunities.


Vets and farmer partners will tell their stories through social media, public events including trade shows, fairs, parades, and other community events. 

Sponsors and Partners

Sponsors and Partners

Vets on the Farm depend on solid sponsors and partners for funding, mentorship, guidance, and continued operation. Seed money and grant funding are necessary to support the Vets employment, equipment purchases/maintenance, and program costs.

Participating Sponsors
Spokane Conservation District
Northwest Farm Credit Services
Upper Columbia RC&D
Randy & Lisa Emtman
Emtman Brothers Farms
St. John Hardware – Fairfield
Flash’s Auto Body
Borth Restorations
Cassel Productions
ESI Promos
Ritzville Collectable Car Club
Blue Sky Marketing


Participating Partners
WSU Extension – Spokane
Spokane Community College
Spokane County Farm Bureau
Wounded Warrior Project
USDA RMA, Spokane
USDA FSA, Spokane

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