SpokaneScape Program

The City of Spokane is offering a program to help residents reduce the amount of water they use for outdoor irrigation. The SpokaneScape rebate program offers up to a $500 credit on a resident’s City utility bill for removing lawn and replacing it with drought tolerant plants and mulch.

 SpokaneScape is water-efficient landscaping that has been designed specifically for the Spokane area; its focus is on the replacement of lawn with low-volume irrigation and drought tolerant plant material.

 A SpokaneScape program application and guidebook is available at SpokaneScape.org 

SmartScape Before

Lawn Before 2

SmartScape Before (1)

Meloche Before 2.0

Smartscape Before (2)


Smartscape Before (3)

SmartScape After

After 2

SmartScape After (1)

Meloche After 2.0

Smartscape After (2)


Smartscape After (3)

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