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2014 Fall Tree Sale 
The Fall Tree Sale order period will run from about August 1 - October 1. The pick up days will be dependent on precipitation, usually mid to late October. 

Shop online or use the flyer for a mail or in-person order. 

2015 Spring Tree Sale - order period starts January 1, 2015

Check out our 2014 tree sale brochure to see what you might find in 2015. We change the about a third of the species from year to year.  


All questions about the tree & shrub sale can be sent to Erica VanNatta. Questions about specific tree and shrubs that we sell, including planting issues and which species would grow best in your area, please contact Garth Davis.

For information about shrubs or plants that we do not carry through our sale, please contact the Master Gardener Resource Center & Plant Clinic through the WSU-Spokane County Extension Office. They can answer questions regarding plant identification, and about insects and diseases.


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